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    1 in 5 Americans visited the #emergency room at least once in the last year. Learn more on our care infographic:

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    What Are the Most Common Reasons People Visit the ER?

    Last updated 2 days 22 hours ago

    When a person suffers a medical problem that could lead to life-threatening consequences, emergency care is necessary. Oak Hill Hospital offers around-the-clock ER services for the residents of Brooksville and Spring Hill. Though the reasons for visiting an emergency room can vary widely from person to person, the following information highlights some of the more common reasons for ER treatment.


    When the body experiences a cut, the circulatory system immediately goes to work to clot the wound. However, if the laceration is too big or too deep, the body may not have the ability to stop blood loss on its own. When the wound continues to bleed, it can mean dire results for the sufferer. When blood loss from a laceration does not abate after a few minutes of applying firm pressure, emergency care may be mandatory to suture close the wound.


    Many people recognize immediately when they suffer a broken bone. They may hear a cracking sound the moment the bone breaks, or they may actually see bone emerge through the skin. In many cases, breaks big and small also produce considerable pain that few people can ignore. These side effects often bring individuals to the ER. However, even when discomfort is mild, people who suspect that they have broken a bone should not wait to seek help. The longer a fracture goes unattended, the greater the risk for tissue damage and infection.

    Abdominal Discomfort

    The abdominal region houses many organs, glands, and other structures that can become susceptible to inflammation and other pain-producing conditions. For this reason, abdominal discomfort is a common cause of emergency care visits. Because medical problems such as kidney stones and appendicitis can lead to significant organ damage and even death, individuals with abdominal pain should consult their nearest ER for help.

    Oak Hill Hospital has the medical support team you want when a medical emergency impacts you or a loved one. Our capable staff can address your pressing healthcare needs with calm, compassion, and competency. To speak with one of our associates about our services for the greater Brooksville community, call (352) 398-4240.

    An Afternoon Tea on the Titanic

    Last updated 8 days ago

    You are invited to "An Afternoon Tea on the Titanic". British actor, Martin Hillier, will take you through a fascinating retelling of the night the Titanic sank. This fun afternoon will be accompanied with light snacks as well as the opportunity to learn more about our many great volunteer opportunities.

    .@ENAorg please retweet this infographic detailing the #emergency care services available at Oak Hill Hospital:

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    What Women Need to Know About Heart Attacks

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Heart attacks do not strike only men, nor do they wait until old age. This video demonstrates how women of all ages must be aware of their heart attack risk.

    Many women dismiss heart attack symptoms. They might think that they are too young or too healthy to suffer such a major health problem. They may also push aside their health concerns if attending to other loved ones. However, women should not ignore the more common signs of a heart attack, which can include jaw pain, chest pressure, nausea, and excessive perspiration. Any or all of these signs warrant immediate emergency care.

    Oak Hill Hospital has the ER services you need should a heart attack occur. To learn more about our healthcare options for Spring Hill and Brooksville residents, call (352) 398-4240.


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