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    Simple Ways to Cut Your Stroke Risk

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    Stroke remains one of the most common causes of disability and death in the United States, though it is one of the most preventable conditions. Oak Hill Hospital encourages Spring Hill and Brooksville residents to do their part to know their stroke risk and take steps to reduce it. To make sure that stroke is not in your future, keep these wellness tips in mind.

    Make Physical Fitness a Regular Practice

    To enjoy a healthy life, exercise must be a part of it. Working out can reduce stroke dangers in a myriad of ways. It optimizes heart function. It lessens the risk of obesity, which can strain the cardiovascular system. Exercise can also decrease cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. If eliminated from the body through physical activity, cholesterol cannot build on arterial walls and contribute to poor blood flow and weakened arteries. To prevent stroke, find enjoyable ways to be active on a consistent basis.

    Eliminate Dangerous Habits

    Even when you work out regularly, you could be offsetting the good of physical activity with hazardous habits. For instance, medical experts advise against excessive use of alcohol, as alcoholic beverages may increase the likelihood of suffering a stroke. The use of pipes, cigars, and cigarettes can also cause widespread damage to the cardiovascular system. Even sporadic smoking can heighten your stroke danger, so to protect your health from this potentially fatal health event, eliminate all tobacco-related activities as soon as possible.

    Check Your Health Numbers

    Establishing healthy lifestyle habits is essential to stroke prevention, but some risk factors may be difficult to address if you are unaware of them. Both high cholesterol and hypertension can occur without evident warning signs, which necessitates periodic medical examinations to ensure that these conditions are not a problem. When you know your health numbers, you can take action to improve them if you suffer from either hypertension or high cholesterol.

    Do you know your blood pressure and cholesterol levels? If not, now is the time to call Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville at (352) 398-4240. We can help you find out your stroke risk factors and make recommendations on how to combat them. 

    1 in 5 Americans visited the #emergency room at least once in the last year. Learn more on our care infographic:

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    What Are the Most Common Reasons People Visit the ER?

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    When a person suffers a medical problem that could lead to life-threatening consequences, emergency care is necessary. Oak Hill Hospital offers around-the-clock ER services for the residents of Brooksville and Spring Hill. Though the reasons for visiting an emergency room can vary widely from person to person, the following information highlights some of the more common reasons for ER treatment.


    When the body experiences a cut, the circulatory system immediately goes to work to clot the wound. However, if the laceration is too big or too deep, the body may not have the ability to stop blood loss on its own. When the wound continues to bleed, it can mean dire results for the sufferer. When blood loss from a laceration does not abate after a few minutes of applying firm pressure, emergency care may be mandatory to suture close the wound.


    Many people recognize immediately when they suffer a broken bone. They may hear a cracking sound the moment the bone breaks, or they may actually see bone emerge through the skin. In many cases, breaks big and small also produce considerable pain that few people can ignore. These side effects often bring individuals to the ER. However, even when discomfort is mild, people who suspect that they have broken a bone should not wait to seek help. The longer a fracture goes unattended, the greater the risk for tissue damage and infection.

    Abdominal Discomfort

    The abdominal region houses many organs, glands, and other structures that can become susceptible to inflammation and other pain-producing conditions. For this reason, abdominal discomfort is a common cause of emergency care visits. Because medical problems such as kidney stones and appendicitis can lead to significant organ damage and even death, individuals with abdominal pain should consult their nearest ER for help.

    Oak Hill Hospital has the medical support team you want when a medical emergency impacts you or a loved one. Our capable staff can address your pressing healthcare needs with calm, compassion, and competency. To speak with one of our associates about our services for the greater Brooksville community, call (352) 398-4240.


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