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Recognizing Medical Emergencies

Last updated 4 years ago

Would you know how to respond to a medical emergency? Though no one can anticipate when or how a medical crisis may occur, it’s important to understand what constitutes a health emergency and where to seek help in the event that one happens. Oak Hill Hospital encourages all residents in the greater Brooksville area to become familiarized with conditions that require ER assistance.

Severe Skin Burns

Burns can result from liquid, electrical, and chemical sources. First degree burns may cause redness and pain. Second degree burns can produce similar symptoms, but they may lead to blisters as well. Should a first or second degree burn be small enough, they may not require emergency care. However, a third degree burn, which can damage nerve endings, demands ER help. Large second degree burns may also necessitate ER treatment if they cover regions such as the extremities or face.

Poison Ingestion

An accidental poisoning can cause severe gastrointestinal pain, organ damage, and even death if emergency care is not sought for it. Such circumstances can arise from the ingestion of medications, household cleaners, or toxic plants. Especially when a parent suspects that his child has consumed a poisonous substance, it’s important to consult an ER professional. In some cases, the contents of the patient’s stomach may need to be removed to avoid potentially fatal consequences.

Respiration Issues

Healthy breathing is essential to a person’s well-being. When the lungs cannot take in enough air, the rest of the body is denied the oxygen it needs to properly function. In just minutes, a loss of oxygen to the brain can result in extensive and permanent brain damage. Should a friend or family member complain of breathing issues, which can develop in response to an allergen, heart attack, or throat obstruction, emergency care is necessary to restore respiration function as soon as possible.

Oak Hill Hospital can make sure that you or your loved one receives the swift, comprehensive ER attention you need. We also provide a wide range of other healthcare options for the residents of Oak Hill and Brooksville. For more information on how our team of medical professionals can address your needs, call us at (888) 741-5120.


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