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Knowing When to Go to the Emergency Room

Last updated 3 years ago

Sometimes medical situations may seem like a big deal, but they can be easily handled at home with the right type of first aid and a visit to the doctor later on. Alternatively, an emergency situation may not be immediately identified, because conditions such as heart attack or concussions might have symptoms that are not recognizable right away. Since it can be a little tricky knowing when medical care at the ER is needed, here is a quick guide to some of the critical symptoms that should be met with emergency care.

Chest pains

Chest pain is not always indicative of a heart attack, but it might be caused by respiratory, abdominal, or cardiac conditions that shouldn’t be ignored. Take note of when your chest pain starts and how long it lasts, as the nature of your pain may narrow down the diagnosis.

Uncontrolled bleeding

The size of a laceration does not always match up with its severity. In the case of puncture wounds, there may be only a small cut that penetrates deep into the tissue and continues bleeding even when pressure is applied. In situations like this, it is important to keep the wound clean and protected with gauze or a towel on the way to the ER.

Head injuries

It can be difficult to assess the severity of a head injury, but you won’t want to chance it when a blow to the head causes loss of consciousness, blurred vision, or a severe bump. ER physicians will use imaging tests to explore the extent of the trauma and help you recover quickly.

Severe dehydration

If you’ve been suffering from food poisoning or other types of gastrointestinal stress, you may be unable to drink enough water to stay hydrated. You may need emergency care to relieve dehydration and get medication to let you keep down water.

The emergency room at Oak Hills Hospital will let you get the quick and reliable care you need in Brooksville. Our commitment to quality and patient-centered care has helped us receive the Lantern Award from the Emergency Nurses Association, a recognition only 17 hospitals in the nation were awarded. You can see our ER wait times or learn more about our hospital on our website or by calling (888) 741-5120. 


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