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Debunking Common Myths About Breast Cancer

Last updated 3 years ago

At the Cancer Institute at Oak Hill Hospital, we’re dedicated not only to providing advanced care to our patients, but we’re also invested in providing patients with the education they need to fight their diseases. Because there are so many myths about cancer, many people are at risk of making decisions about screenings and treatments they might not make if they had all of the facts. As one of the leading causes of cancer in the US, there are many myths about breast cancer that can interfere with patient care. Here is the truth behind some of the misinformation that abounds about this kind of cancer.

Myth: If You Have a Breast Lump, You Have Breast Cancer

Finding a lump in your breast is not a clear sign that you have breast cancer. In fact, very few lumps are actually cancerous tumors. Don’t delay seeking medical attention for a breast lump because you’re nervous about the results. Instead, ask your doctor to refer you to Oak Hill Hospital for diagnostic imaging. In the event that you do have cancer, early diagnosis makes treatment easier.

Myth: Men Don’t Have to Worry About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not strictly a woman’s disease. Men can and do get breast cancer. Unfortunately, the rate of breast cancer survival in men is lower than in women, because men often seek treatment late. Everyone should report lumps in the breast area to a doctor for screening.

Myth: Mammograms Make Breast Cancer Spread

Compression during a mammogram will not cause cancerous cells in the breast to spread throughout the body. The minimal radiation exposure during a mammogram likewise cannot give you breast cancer or make existing breast cancer worse. Rather than being dangerous, mammograms are amoung the most important diagnostic tools your doctor has in the fight against breast cancer.

Get the support you need to fight cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery at the Cancer Institute at Oak Hill Hospital. In addition to cancer care, our Spring Hill hospital offers an ER, orthopedic and spine surgery, heart care, and much more. For a referral to one of our physicians or additional information, please call (888) 741-5120.


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